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Escape Plan

The movie begins with a man named Ray Breslin, who is a former prosecutor and he now owns a security firm in Los Angeles which is specialized in testing the security of the prison. All he does is checks the prison, look at the design and make sure the security is tight and no criminal can escape from the prison.

But one day, His beloved wife and son are killed by an escaped convict from the prison. The convict had to take revenge with Ray as he was the one who prosecuted the convict and so, he murdered his wife and son. Jessica Mayor, CIA agent, offers Ray and his business partner a multi million dollar deal and they agree. But their plan goes awry when Ray is trapped by the captors in the prison and he is left with only one choice that is to escape from the prison. With the help of an insider, he uses all his knowledge and makes an escape plan. Actors who played in the movie Sylvester Stallone, Arnold SchWarzenegger, Jim Caviezel, Faran Tahir, Amy Ryan.You are watching the movie Escape Plan produced in USA belongs.

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