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Of course the role of agent Mulder for a lifetime, so to speak, stuck to the actor David Duchovny. Even after the completion of filming in the cult science fiction tv series actor continues to periodically appear in films on the theme of aliens on Earth. In the movie "Evolution" David DUCHOVNY plays a serious and Comedy role of schoolteacher confronted with something very unusual and extraterrestrial. Once, in the desert near the small town of Glen Canyon, Arizona meteorite falls. This unusual phenomenon is watching a young guy was Wayne at night in the desert.

On meteorite research sent local biology teacher Ira Kane and his colleague-geologist Harry. They discover a strange blue liquid that flows from the meteorite. Taking samples of extraterrestrial substance Ira and Harry discover it simmering unicellular organisms that with great speed I begin to share and evolve. The evolution of organisms can lead to new discoveries and to large problems. Who will save the world? Actors who played in the movie David Duchovny, Julianne Moore, Orlando Jones, Seann William Scott, Ted Levine.You are watching the movie Evolution produced in USA belongs.

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